BLOWRAK keyboard layout


Blowrak is a keyboard layout optimized for swedish programmers. It is based on the dvorak keyboard layout, and the placement of åäö is inspired from Liket's svorak layout. If you want to know why dvorak is so much better than qwerty read this: Compared to dvorak "d" and "h" are swapped, and so is "x" and "b". This makes h and b placed on the same place as on qwerty. Also, "d" is a much more comman character in swedish than "h". Another important thing is that the key left of "a" (often caps lock) should be mapped as control. The placement of brackets and braces is supposed to be optimised for programming (make sure you have a alt-key for your right hand!).

The canonical layout

The layout may of course differ sligtly between different keyboard-types, but these pictures gives the basic idea. Remember that blowrak has a control on the key to the left of "a" and you MUST have a right alt.

No modifirers:



Shift and Alt:


Download blowrak.keylayout into your "~Library/Keyboard Layouts". Look here for more information on how to remap capslock to control and kp-enter to alt.


X11 runs on a wide varity of hardware, so here is a couple of xmodmap-files for different keyboard-types.

blowrak-powerbook-linux.xmodmap for Linux running on Apple Powerbooks. You will also need to patch your kernel to be able to use capslock as control.

blowrak.xmodmap for normal AT-keyboards. (updated 2005-02-03)


Download and install contributed by Tobias Rundström. It does not do the capslock-control mapping, you need ctrl2cap.
Anders Gustafsson <>